Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hello people

Hello people its now midweek and not much has happened in my household this week. Tonight I will watch Heroes (watchable, American and rubbish ) and finish work before 9 for a change. Wondering what image to post here, enjoying ths blogging now, though it still feels mad cos its only me. Still better than talking to myself whilst riding public transport. Or hanging around the shopping centeres of North Devon chuntering to myself. This allows me some kind of release.

I work day to day with some great guys bassed in Hyderabad, India and a bomb went off less than 2 km from their offices. Glad they are all ok. Talked with my mate Anshu about the madness that these terrorists subscribe to, "They don't know their own brains" he said with which I couldn't agree more.

Thinking of violence, I recently read No Country for Old Men (above right), which was, as with all his other works, mind blowingly good. He uses langauge like noone I have read. Give him a try. His best I think is Blood Meridian which manages to be both horrifyingly, graphicly violent and beautiful and moving at the same time. Some writers, you read them , you think "I could do that". John le Carre, Graham Greene, Truman Capote, I read them, I reckon, hey, I know all those words, could possibly do that, you know with a different life, literary skill, imagination etc. but you know its just possible.. But with McCarthy, as with Balzac, you realise there is something different going on. I could have a million lives and not come close. Almost not human to write so well.

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